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Afinităţi dialectale istroromâne – meglenoromâne

Publication: Lucrările celui de-al XIV-lea Simpozion Internațional de Dialectologie, p. 369
Editors:Nicolae Mocanu, Dumitru Loșonți, Eugen Beltechi
Publisher:Argonaut, Scriptor
Abstract:Our paper highlights a range of similar elements from phonetics, vocabulary and morpho-syntax pertaining to both idioms, having a special analysis at the level of verbal aspect. Even if this grammar category manifests differently among the two dialects, it is a common feature for both, being an important key in differentiating them from other Romanian dialects where there are no specific morphologic means of expressing the aspect. The author considers that the presented dialect resemblances are quite relevant to determine the places where people had passed and the contacts they had accomplished with Istro-Romanians in their way to Meglen.
Key words:
  • dialectele româneşti, convergenţă, istroromâna, meglenoromâna, aspectul verbal
  • Romanian dialects, convergence, Istro-Romanian, Megleno-Romanian, verbal aspect
Language: Romanian

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