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Formaţii lexicale interne cu baza moştenită din latină în vocabularul dialectului istroromân

Publication: Lucrările celui de-al XIV-lea Simpozion Internațional de Dialectologie, p. 23
Editors:Nicolae Mocanu, Dumitru Loșonți, Eugen Beltechi
Publisher:Argonaut, Scriptor
Abstract:The present study, Word Formations Derived from Inherited Latin Stems in the Istro-Romanian Dialect Lexicon, aims to verify the vitality of the Istro-Romanian lexical stratus inherited from Latin from the point of view of its capacity to develop, with internal resources, new words. In this respect, our paper contains an analytical and syntetical presentation of the Istro-Romanian lexicon, which has developed based on primer words (stems) inherited from Latin. The lexical corpus has been divided into five categories, depending on the mechanism involved in a particular word forming: agglutinated formations by prefixation, agglutinated formations by suffixation, back-formations, compounds, words derived by conversion (or zero derivation).
Our study has revealed a rather weak internal capacity of creating new words in Istro-Romanian, and, implicitly, the limits and even the impossibility of revitalising the Istro-Romanian lexicon of Latin origin. Among the factors that might explain these facts, two are prominent: there is not much need for creating new words in a small community that uses this linguistic code exclusively for familiar-like communication, and, more important, the bilingualism of the Istro-Romanian speakers favours the direct word loans from Croatian, due to the momentary necessities in communication.
Key words:
  • lexic istroromân, cuvinte moştenite din latină, categorii de formare a cuvintelor, mijloace interne de formare a cuvintelor, bilingvism, cuvinte împrumutate din croată
  • Istro-Romanian vocabulary, words inherited from Latin, word-forming categories, internal means of creating new words, bilingualism, word loans from Croatian
Language: Romanian

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