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Despre „pathos” în textul publicistic de opinie

Publication: Cercetări lingvistice. Omagiu doamnei profesoare Adriana Stoichițoiu Ichim, p. 73-82
Editors:Dragoș Vlad Topală
Publisher:Editura Sitech
Abstract:[On pathos in the journalistic opinion text]
Rhetoric and neo-rhetoric place the formation and effective functioning of the argumentative-persuasive discourse under the sign of three solidary and complementary “proofs”: logos, ethos, pathos. The article analyzes pathos in journalistic opinion texts (editorials, analyses, commentaries), in national daily newspapers. The analysis we propose is an outline that discusses several (sub)types of sequences which, within the limits of the opinion text, can be considered sources and instruments of the appeal to emotions; some with reference to lexical elements - actually, typical pathos markers - will complete our presentation.
Key words:rhetoric, pathos, journalistic language, speech, lexical elements
Language: Romanian

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