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Inovaţii paremiologice. Studiu de caz: Cu o rândunică nu se face primăvară

Publication: Lucrările celui de-al șaselea Simpozion Internațional de Lingvistică, București, 29-30 mai 2015, Section Lexicologie, lexicografie, frazeologie, p. 359-369
Editors:Maria Stanciu Istrate, Daniela Răuțu
Publisher:Editura Univers Enciclopedic Gold
Abstract:[Paremiological innovations. Case study: cu o rândunică nu se face primăvară ‘one swallow does not make a summer’]
The paremiological variants of the pattern analysed in this article emphasise the adaptability of a structure (considered a fixed one) to the new contextual / extra linguistic needs, as well as the diversity of the forms in which the invariant meaning may be actuated in such constructions. Paremiological innovations on this pattern have been more and more used especially in colloquial language and in the media language, where an impressive number of variants are recorded, aiming at special stylistic effects. The analysed structure proves to be a dynamic model, highly productive, still being an open paremiological pattern, with infinite substitution and expansion possibilities, as well as the possibility to expand the two nouns in the structure.
Key words:paremiological innovation, model, parasynonymy, lexical expansion, inversion
Language: Romanian

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