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„Mizeria și splendoarea traducerii”. Modelul Coșeriu

Publication: Studii de traductologie românească. I. Discurs traductiv, discurs metatraductiv. In honorem professoris Ileana Oancea, p. 11-36
Editors:Georgiana Lungu-Badea, Nadia Obrocea
Publisher:Editura Universității de Vest
Abstract:Eugeniu Coșeriu’s linguistic theory is so complex and profoundly explanatory that it also reverberates in the field of translation studies. In his work on translation, the linguist from Tübingen presents the features of a “realist” theory of translation, which could constitute the basis of a translation linguistics. In his vision, such a theory should identify universal principles in facts and not impose a model on facts (Coșeriu 1997-1998, 19). In a 1996 interview with Nicolae Saramandu, Eugeniu Coșeriu confessed: “What is interesting is that I have only written two articles on translation. However, Colette Laplace, a lady from Paris, wrote a thesis about me and about translation theory” (1996, 39). Eugeniu Coșeriu’s account reveals the solid foundations and the opening of a linguistic doctrine and/or paradigm, that of integralism, where all phenomena pertaining to articulated human language”, including translation, “find each other” and “meet” as concepts relating to its study.
For Coșeriu, translation is fundamentally a problem of textual linguistics, because it is always the text that gets translated, since one cannot “move straight from one language to the other, on the level of the languages itself”, i.e. from the source language grammar and lexis to the target language grammar and lexis (2000, 242). In Coșeriu’s view, the translator faces a problem “that cannot be solved with tools such as grammar and lexis, the problem of establishing a correspondence between a source-language text and a target-language text” (242). Another very important concept for the translation process is that of “linguistic content”, with its three layers: designation, signifiés, and sense. We can conclude that, in a first instance, Coșeriu’s view on translation is based on a revealing series of distinctions: the object and the instrument of translation, the content of the language and the content of the text, the language and language use, the transposition and the version.
The Romanian linguist has an original approach to the relationship between the theory of translation and contrastive grammar, an approach according to which, in order to be useful in translation, contrastive grammar has to be practised in translation, i.e., deduced from translation and applied to translation later (Coșeriu 1990, 36). In this sense, contrastive grammar should not be a grammar of the language but a grammar of language use, or of using language in discourse; moreover, it should not be done in two directions, only in one.
The current paper offers an overview of Coșeriu’s perspective on translation and presents the way in which this has been received and used in translation research in Romania over the course of time, all the way to the present.
Key words:Eugeniu Coșeriu, contrastive grammar, textual linguistics, linguistics of translation, translation theory
Language: Romanian

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