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Inversiunea auxiliarului în istroromână ‒ un fenomen păstrat din româna veche

Publication: Sintaxa ca mod de a fi. Omagiu Gabrielei Pană Dindelegan, la aniversare, p. 197
Editors:Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae, Camelia Stan, Rodica Zafiu
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:In this paper we analyse the phenomenon of verb-auxiliary inversion in Old Romanian and Istro-Romanian (an eastern Romance variety, historically related to Romanian). In previous work, it has been shown that the V-Aux structures of Old Romanian are analysable as instances of V-to-C movement, and that this form of V-to-C represents a residual relaxed V2 grammar specific to old and medieval Romance. The V-Aux pattern was diachronically eliminated in the passage from Old to Modern Romanian, but has been preserved and is productive in (contemporary) Istro-Romanian. With respect to Istro-Romanian, we show that: (i) V-Aux should also be analysed as V-to-C movement, (ii) this form of V-to-C movement also instantiates a relaxed V2 grammar of the Romance type; (iii) language contact with Croatian (which also possesses V-Aux linearizations) has played an important role in the conservation of this archaic grammar.
Key words:auxiliary inversion, V2 grammar, Istro-Romanian, old Romanian
Language: Romanian

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