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Experienţa de comunicare inter- şi intraculturală în România, reflectată în toponime, antroponime, apelative, frazeologisme, proverbe, zicători şi vorbe de ocară ce conţin etnonime

Publication: Români majoritari / Români minoritari: interferenţe şi coabitări lingvistice, literare şi etnologice
Editors:Luminița Botoșineanu, Elena Dănilă, Cecilia Holban, Ofelia Ichim
Publisher:Editura Alfa
Abstract:[Inter- and Intracultural Communication Experience in Romania, Reflected in Toponyms, Appelatives, Idioms, Sayings and Injurious Words Containing Ethnonyms]
The paper about Inter- and intracultural communication experience in Romania, reflected in toponyms, appelatives, idioms, sayings and injurious words containing ethnonyms discusses some aspects of the interethnic, inter- and multicultural communication experience in Romania along the centuries based on linguistic, cultural, economic contacts reflected in toponyms, anthroponyms, ethnonyms, ergonyms, ideonyms and other «-onyms», their relevance for the contemporary, ordinary speaker, who can / cannot operate with culturemes as units of the cultural discourse. The paper is a synthetic presentation of a research project and its partial results, with examples for each relevant aspect revealable through a corpus of nearly 1.000 entries (500 toponyms, 150 anthroponyms, 130 ethnonyms as appellatives, 130 idioms, sayings, proverbs, injurious words and ethno-discourse sequences containing ethnonyms).
Language: Romanian

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