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Cultisme și terminologii în limbile romanice literare. Secolul al XVIII-lea

Publication: Studii de filologie in honorem Ștefan Găitănaru, p. 219
Editors:Liliana Soare, Adrian Sămărescu, Adina Dumitru
Publisher:Editura Universității din Pitești
Abstract:This paper represents a comparative study focussing upon the process of assimilating the learned loanwords in the lexicons of the Romance languages in the Age of Enlightenment. It is a segment of synchronic analysis in the history of the enrichment and updating the Neolatin vocabulary through erudite means. The analysis of this process is preceded by an ample discussion of the concept of mot savant (Fr.)/ cultismo (Sp.) drawing upon a corpus compiled on the basis of the data comprised in Dictionnaire des emprunts latins dans les langues romanes. The profile of the new Romance lexicons is commensurate with the new social, economic and cultural paradigms in the history of Neolatin countries. The stratum of erudite lexical borrowings in the 18th century meets the demands of a society opening up towards the current epoch. It was during the 18th century that specialized idioms crystallized and, as far as the Romanian language is concerned, this century marked the inception of the scientific terminologies.
Key words:assimilating, enrichment, lexicons, paradigms, synchronic analysis
Language: Romanian

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