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Relația popular – oficial în toponimia Văii superioare a Vișeului

Publication: Numele și numirea. Actele Conferinței Internaționale de Onomastică. Ediția a III-a: Conventional / unconventional in onomastics, p. 522
Editors:Oliviu Felecan
Publisher:Editura Mega, Editura Argonaut
Abstract:[The relationship folk – official in the toponymy of the upper Vișeu Valley]
Of all proper names, toponyms display the greatest stability in time; they are testimony to geographical changes, social and linguistic contacts, historical events and local dialects, in particular. People name places using terms from everyday language, with the phonetic particularities that are specific to a given area. Frequently, toponyms officialise folk pronunciations with the phonetic characteristics of a certain region. Thus, place names on maps may refer to different forms unless the folk toponym is known. This paper analyses the relationship between folk toponyms and official toponyms, paying particular attention to those place names on the upper valley of the Vișeu river that occur on maps with various forms, in the locals’ dialect. At the same time, the study discusses folk toponyms that have been officialised as street names. The material explored was collected from the settlements of Vișeu de Sus, Moisei and Borșa, located in the north-east of Maramureș county. The names preserve regional terms, some of which are no longer used, and specific features of the idiom spoken in Maramureș.
Key words:toponym, folk, official, urbanonymy
Language: Romanian

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