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Motivarea internă a relațiilor semantice. Antonimia analizabilă

Publication: Variația lingvistică: probleme actuale. Actele celui de-al 14-lea Colocviu Internațional al Departamentului de Lingvistică, 2, p. 255
Editors:Rodica Zafiu, Isabela Nedelcu
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:No matter the point of view from which it is considered – either from that of the language (langue), as a relation of real or possible opposition, binary and symmetrical, which is constantly established between the meanings of two or more (series of) linguistic items belonging to an identical semantic field, or from that of the speech (parole), as a relation of real opposition, which may refer to sundry aspects (circumstance, quality, process, etc.) and which is spontaneously established by the speakers between the meanings of two or more linguistic items, in a concrete situation of communication, confined by no traditional or structural restriction –, there is always an analogical mechanism which leads to the engendering and working of an antonymic relation.
The material we have presented here helps to point, on the one hand, various aspects of any antonymic relation which is structurally analysable and, on the other hand, to indicate some of the mechanisms which are manifest in the working of antonymic relations, as a mark of internal linguistic reorganisation.
Language: Romanian

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