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Fenomenul rumañol în texte publicate de românii din Spania. Aspecte interpretative ale limbajului. Lectură şi analiză de text

Publication: Cultură și identitate românească - Tendințe actuale și reflectarea lor în diaspora, Section Lingvistică
Editors:Ofelia Ichim; Luminița Botoșineanu, Daniela Butnaru, Marius-Radu Clim, Florin-Teodor Olariu, Elena Tamba
Publisher:Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:Our worktis devoted to the presence of a mixture of Romanian Spanish, which we call “rumañol” in 11t books published in the last years (2007-2009) by Romanians who live in Spain.
Our analysis reveals contamination of written expressions with elements of lexical selection and structuring of the sentence, of Spanish language. But the problem of contamination of Romanian words of Spanish is not only responsible for the difficulty to correctly understand some of these texts. Perception understanding message depends on the correct wording of the text. In this respect, our appliances work examines also stylistic, morphology and syntax aspects.
Key words:style, linguistic behavior, “rumañol”, sociolingvistic and pragmalingvistic competences
Language: Romanian

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