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Aspecte ale influenţei limbii engleze în terminologia mass-mediei

Publication: Limba română: diacronie și sincronie în studiul limbii române, II, p. 325
Editors:Rodica Zafiu, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:The Romanian terminology of mass media (TMM) follows the Anglo-American conceptual-semantic pattern. This fact also reflects in the linguistic level. Thus, from the etymological point of view, English is the prevalent influence in the specialized vocabulary of Romanian mass media. In TMM, the Anglicisms in different phases of assimilation are prevalent, as the graphical and phonetic specific of the lexical unit in the donor language does not allow the application of the Romanian morphological government or of the rules of pronunciation specific to Romanian language. From the perspective of morphological precepts, the difficulty of adaptation of Anglicisms to the Romanian flexional system could be justified by the fact that Romanian and English belong to different linguistic families. Generally, the category of the masculine gender includes the Anglicisms that denote animate nouns, while the inanimate lexical units with English etymology follow the general trend of joining the category of neuter gender. The number of English borrowings in TMM included in the feminine gender is restrained. The semantic assimilation of Anglicisms in TMM supposes a series of evolutions that are generally about semantic extensions. These are paradigmatically accomplished by changing the reference domain ‒ the semantic core is kept, while some secondary semantic units of the lexicographic definition are ignored.
Language: Romanian

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