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Aparté-ul, un procedeu de tehnica dramatica in teatrul lui I.L. Caragiale

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, VI (1), p. 125-132
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:This study analyzes how the dramatic device called “aside” relates to dialogue in Caragiale’s plays. The two types of dramatic asides used by Caragiale, i.e., the monological (or the “authentic”) aside and the dialogical (or the partial) aside, engage in various kinds of relations with the dialogue. These relations are put in evidence by the internal structure of the aside, but also by the way it inserts itself into the dialogue and by the connections it establishes with this other form of dramatic communication.
Key words:monological aside, dialogical aside, dramatic dialogue
Language: Romanian

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