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Timpul etnic – o dimensiune a viziunii etnolingvale româneşti (în baza experimentului asociativ)

Publication: Philologia, LVI (5-6), p. 74
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:Time is a multidimensional concept/category, much richer in features than a simple mathematical order. It has become communis opinio that the attitude towards time affects a personality directly: „A man is not born with a sense of time and space; his temporal and spatial concepts are determined by the culture he belongs to”. The present research is based on the idea that one of the manifestations of the cosmic time is the field of peoples’ existence – the ethnic time. Thus, besides being a cultural universal, the model of time is also an ethnic nuclear structure.
Key words:ethnic time, ethno-lingual picture, associative experiment, association, stimulus, reaction
Language: Romanian

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