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Subiectul vorbirii. 2. Ce este vorbire?

Publication: Philologia, LV (1-2), p. 3-17
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:In „The Subject of Speech II” there is made an analysis of the notion „speech” by its conceptual relation to such correlative notions as „talk”, „silence” (as inner speech of the interlocutor), „utterance” (as the voice and perception of the bivoc word in silent reading regime), „sentence”, „statement” (text), „monologue”, „dialogue”, showing that any speech act is through the origin and essence of man and language, a „talk”, thus a dialogue that can be interlocutionar either directly or concealed in cvasimological form of a discursive interference. Based on the philosophy of dialogue and Bakhtin’s metalinguistics there are redefined main types of discurse as speech genres and as hybrid narrative forms of framing – modeling of the the other’s speech in the literary text in which they find their definite compositional and stylistic expressions depending on their genre. Thus, splitting the text into the „narrative” (as monologic authorial discourse) and „dialogue” (as a direct conversation between characters) turns out to be inappropriate and tributary to „ideological monologism”.
Key words:the other’s speech, refractive speech, bipolar narration, framing-modeling, type of statement, narrator’s exotopia, dialogic form (as the work of the third – the narrator), discursive interference, hybrid constructions, dialogized monologue, concealed existential dialogue
Language: Romanian

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