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Aspectul verbal în concepția lui G. Ivănescu

Publication: Analele Universității de Vest din Timișoara. Seria Științe Filologice, L, p. 87
Publisher:Editura Universității de Vest
Abstract:[G. Ivănescu’s Concept of Verbal Aspect] The problem of verbal aspect and its relation with the tense category is one of the numerous problems originating in the primitive Indo-European language. For a long time, scholars believed that verbal aspect is characteristic of the Slavic languages only. G. Ivănescu, among other linguists, has demonstrated that verbal aspect has a universal character, and that there is no chronological gap between the emergence of aspect and tense in the Indo-European grammar. G. Ivănescu has made a clear distinction between aspect and Aktionsart, the former expressing imperfective, perfective and iterative actions only. He has also claimed that aspect is a morphological category, while Aktionsart is a lexical one. Based on several comparisons with Russian, G. Ivănescu has argued that Romanian possesses the category of aspect, which is expressed by inflections (unlike in Russian, where it is realised through lexical means – suffixes, prefixes and thematic vowels). This modality of rendering verbal aspect is common to the other Romance languages, as well as to the Germanic languages, with the exception of English.
Key words:imperfective, perfective, iterative, aspect, Aktionsart
Language: Romanian

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