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Note etimologice: ghiftuire, ghiftui, zvecui

Publication: Limba română, LX (2), p. 227-229
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The origin of the Romanian word “ghiftuire”, meaning “stuffing oneself with food up to the brink of nausea” is considered to be the German word “[Ver]giftung”, meaning “intoxication”. Also, the origin of “ghiftui” is the german word “[ver]giften”. The etymon for the word “zvecui” (a word used by a shoemakers meaning, “to stretch the leather on the shoe last”) is considered to be the German “zwecken”, which has the meaning “to stretch (leather) fixing with small nails”.
Key words:
  • etimologie, ghiftuire, ghiftui, zvecui
  • etymology, ghiftuire, ghiftui, zvecui
Language: Romanian

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