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O controversă filologică: paternitatea Istoriei Ţărâi Rumâneşti, atribuită stolnicului Constantin Cantacuzino

Publication: Limba română, LX (1), p. 139-145
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[A philological controversy: the paternity of the History of the Romanian Country, attributed to Constantin Cantacuzino]
The scientific dispute regarding the author of The History of the Romanian Country goes back for over a century. This historical work, only partially achieved, has been preserved in five manuscript copies from around mid 18th century, and has been attributed to several scholars from that period. The most well-known opinion belongs to Nicolae Iorga, the scholar that, based on historical information found in documents, has attributed the chronicle to Constantin Cantacuzino.
In his book, The Paternity of The History of the Romanian Country. A Philological Study (Iaşi, Ed. Cronica, 2009, 249 p.), the reputable linguist N.A. Ursu has recently revealed that the real author of the text is Ioan Frâncul, the very same person that translated Foletul novel and signed it with the name Ion Romanul. The research is built upon substantiation from fields such as graphology, linguistics, stylistics and history.
Key words:
  • paternitate, grafologie, filologie, lingvistică, stilistică, istorie
  • paternity, graphology, philology, linguistics, stylistics, history
Language: Romanian

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