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Plaisirs d’amour et de traduction : interférences culturelles franco-roumaines à travers Jacques Prévert

Publication: Atelier de traduction, 13, p. 181
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:While still under the spell of Jacques Prévert's intriguingly unsophisticated Alicante, and in relentless pursuit of uncovering novel strategies for creating literary beauty, I decided to subject the poem to a minute scrutiny in the hope of ferreting out the secret stuff “holy simplicity” is made of. In a second phase, my research was steered away from fathoming the miracle of creating “holy simplicity” towards investigating the sustained toil of recreating it in a different language: Romanian. The two subsections devoted to the topic in question submit to the reader Gellu Naum's translation of Alicante, and the one originating with none other than the author of this contribution respectively. The concluding section discusses still a further possibility of recreating Prévert's Alicante, namely by setting it to music.
Key words:style simplicity, French modern poetry, sexuality vs. spirituality, translation, Romanian, true-to-genius-of-target-language rendition, setting poetry to music
Language: French

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