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Vechi anale privind istoria Ţării Româneşti de la începutul secolului al XVIII-lea

Publication: Limba română, LXI (2), Section Filologie, p. 218-225
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The inedited manuscript text, written in the year 1701, presents, under the form of a list of princes, the history of Wallachia from its foundation to Constantin Brâncoveanu’s days. Discovered in a volume printed by Antim Ivireanul at Snagov, in the year 1700, which contains two lay books with moral content, tied together, Învăţături creştineşti and Floarea darurilor, the manuscript draws attention by the fact that it mentions some moral and physical characteristics by which the rulers were known in the epoch, yet, which are not found, at least explicitly formulated, in any other chronicles of the time.
Key words:
  • anale, domnitorii Ţării Româneşti, Sterie căpitanul (capuchehaie)
  • annals, Wallachian princes, captain Sterie (Wallachian diplomat sent to the Ottoman Empire)
Language: Romanian

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69Ion Gheție, Alexandru MareșOriginile scrisului în limba românăEditura Științifică și Enciclopedică1985

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