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Samuil Micu şi începuturile limbajului filologic românesc (câteva observaţii pe marginea Loghicii)

Publication: Limba română, LXI (2), Section Filologie, p. 205-211
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Beginning with the first manuscript redaction of Loghica, it appears that the text has suffered till the moment of its printing (1799) different transformations in the direction of renouncement at the proper philosophical terminology to the use of words from the common language or with creation of new words in the spirit of the Romanian language. The fact is a conclusion of the Enlightenment’s ideology, who was giving importance to the access of the common people to culture, but, also, a possible influence of a model taken from the contemporary evolution of the German or Hungarian literary language.
Key words:
  • Samuil Micu Clain, terminologie filosofică, neologisme, limbă literară
  • Samuil Micu Clain, philosophical terminology, neology, literary language
Language: Romanian

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105Samuil Micu, Gheorghe ȘincaiElementa linguae daco-romanae sive valachicaeKurzböck; Typis Regiae Universitatis Pestanae; Dacia1780; 1805; 1980html

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