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Relevanţa tipologică a trăsăturii [± animat] în realizarea prepoziţională a dativului din construcţia ditranzitivă

Publication: Limba română, LXII (2), Section Gramatică, p. 174-185
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Romanian allows both synthetic and analytical marking of the dative. The inflectional dative is obligatorily replaced by a prepositional construction when the first component of the DP cannot host the specific dative case-marker. In nonstandard Romanian, the prepositional construction (la+Acc.) appears frequently even when there is no morphological constraint.
In this article, I argue that the animacy hierarchy is relevant in the analysis of the dative constituent in Romanian ditransitive constructions. When it is not required by morphological constraints, the acceptability of the prepositional construction (instead of the inflectional dative) depends on whether the referent of the indirect object is higher or lower in the animacy hierarchy. If the referent of the dative constituent is higher on the animacy hierarchy, it has a lower degree of acceptance in the prepositional construction. This means that strongly individualized human entities, which have a high position on the animacy scale, are not the best candidates for the prepositional realization of the dative. Animate common nouns are better in the prepositional construction than proper names and personal pronouns.
Key words:
  • construcţie ditranzitivă, ierarhia animatului, dativ prepoziţional, prepoziţia la
  • ditransitive construction, animacy hierarchy, prepositional dative, preposition la
Language: Romanian

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