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Using CAT Systems and/or Corpora in the Translation Profession

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LVI (2), p. 167-180
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Driven by the increasing requirement for efficiency at the workplace, professional translators worldwide resort to what is called “automated assistance”, which allows for more or less control over the end product, while it attempts at improving, not always successfully, their work quality. The paper outlines the use of electronic translation tools by the Romanian professional translator. Thus, we analyze Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) Systems which prevail as assisting tools in the translators’ work, and we consider the role of electronic parallel corpora, a rather marginal one, as it is. The paper highlights the obvious potential of electronic corpora, their advantages over traditional CAT systems, and asserts the need for an integrative approach to translations which should only be beneficial to the translated work as result of the translation profession.
Language: English

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