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Aspects of the Numeral in 18th Century Aromanian Writings

Publication: Analele Universității „Ovidius” din Constanța. Seria Filologie, XVII, p. 233-242
Publisher:Ovidius University Press
Abstract:This article is part of a more extensive study on the language of Aromanian writings at the end of the 18th century (by Cavalioti, Daniil and Ucuta), out of which we have already published volume I: Observații asupra grafiei. Fonetica. The paper focuses on forms of the numeral presented by Teodor Anastas Cavalioti in Protopiria, by Daniil Moscopoleanul in Tetraglosonul and by Constantin Ucuta in Învățătura introducătoare. We have come to the conclusion that the morphology of the numeral as reflected in the works above is typical of the dialect of two branches of the Aromanians (the Farseroti and the ones from Moscopole) in Albania. There is an exception for ḑiți and its compounds, the inference being that Daniil must have used the phoneme â (î) in Aromanian through the Greek ι (iota), since there is no corresponding grapheme for the respective Aromanian sound.
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