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A Cartographic Approach to Clitic Clusters in Romanian

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LVI (2), p. 97-114
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:One of the most intriguing aspects of clitic combinations crosslinguistically is that certain clitic combinations, while logically possible, are unattested in a number of languages. Previous syntactic analyses (the Case/Agree approach of Anagnostopoulou 2003, 2005, a.o) have mainly focused on clitic clusters which are subject to the Person Case Constraint (PCC), and have proposed that the constraint arises when an intervening dative argument blocks person agreement between a probing head and a lower argument. This paper shows that this family of proposals cannot straightforwardly account for a language like Romanian, which does not exhibit PCC effects. It is proposed that a cartographic approach to clitic ordering is not only tenable, but it is superior to the Case/Agree approach in accounting for the existence of certain co-occurrence restrictions on clitics in Romanian, which are not otherwise expected under previous accounts.
Language: English

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2Guglielmo Cinque, Luigi RizziThe cartography of Syntactic StructuresSTiL, 2, 432008pdf

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