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« Le texte iceberg » aux frontières de la linguistique, de la pragmatique et de la sémiotique

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LIII (3), p. 341-360
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Focusing on the theoretical status of the text, this study proposes a personal perspective synthesized in and symbolized by the metaphor “the iceberg text”. Some basic ideas are tackled, suggesting that: a) the text research as a concept is not only possible, but also necessary; b) the content of the concept must be extended in order to capture both the fundamental constituent (immanent) aspects of the textual product, and the creative-perceptive aspects specific to the process of decoding and interpreting the textual sense; c) as a dynamic and creative process, the latter having a reticular character (determined by the random articulation of the set of networks, that is sign structures that are homogeneous from a relational and functional point of view), inferential character, volume character and synergic character ; d) the configuration of an appropriate theoretical frame can be achieved through the collaboration of Linguistics (E. Coseriu), Pragmatics (M. Bahtin) and Semiotics (Ch. S. Peirce).
Language: French

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