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Traducere şi traducător; bilingvismul traducătorului: concepte, cadre de definiţie

Publication: Studia Universitatis Petru Maior. Philologia, 25, Section Studii și articole, p. 156
Publisher:Universitatea Petru Maior
Place:Târgu Mureș
Abstract:[Translation and translator; bilingualism of the translator: concepts, framework of definitions]
Our paper is dedicated to translation studies, in which we have brought into the foreground the concepts and the framework of definitions particular to this science on the borderline between linguistics and literature. The most important aspects of translation and the activity of the translator are emphasized. We attempt to analyse the bilingualism of the translator, underlining the difference between translation and bilingualism. Many bilingual people who have achieved the ability to read and write in a certain language do not have the necessary aptitude to translate different types of texts and documents in a professional manner. Being an expert translator requires a certain perfecting of the language in order to produce translation of the best quality.
Key words:traducere, translation, translator, bilingualism, globalisation
Language: Romanian

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