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Importanţa principiilor directoare în cercetarea lingvistică: profesorul G. Ivănescu

Publication: Philologica Banatica, XI (1), Section Memento, p. 63-69
Publisher:Editura Mirton; Editura Amphora
Abstract:[Importance of guiding principles in linguistic research: Professor G. Ivănescu]
Professor G. Ivănescu Considering that the dichotomy between the linguistics of literary languages and the linguistics of non-literary languages, developed by Professor G. Ivănescu, in Storia delle parlate popolari e storia delle lingue letterarie, is fundamental to both general linguistics and Romance linguistics, the author of this paper examines how the linguistics of literary languages could generate the pre-comparative phase in the history of linguistics, a well-defined phase having its own goals and epistemological profile.
Key words:Romance linguistics, linguistics of literary languages, theoretical paradigm, rhetoric, grammar
Language: Romanian

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