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Modalizarea şi aspectul în subdialectele bănăţean şi maramureşean

Publication: Fonetică și dialectologie, XXXVI, p. 17-25
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Modalization and verbal aspect in the Banat and Maramureş subdialects]
By its current definition, modalization is a procedure of giving the category of mood an expression in a linguistic message (GALR, II: 673). Our material proposes a discussion about some modal verbs belonging to standard Romanian (a putea ‘can’, a trebui ‘must’), but also about verbs such as a pune ‘put’, a da ‘give’, a prinde ‘catch’ – which in north-western local varieties of speaking may function as modal verbs. These last three have an additional feature which their correspondents in standard Romanian lack, i.e. the possibility of expressing modal or aspectual values when followed by an infinitive. The aspect category is also expressed in Daco-Romanian by prefixes such as do-, pro- and ză-, all of them generally considered to be peculiar for the linguistic variety spoken in the Banat region, where they are the result of linguistic contacts with Serbian speakers. The prefix ză- is also known in the local variety of Maramureş, where it has another Slavic origin, being attributable to contacts between Romanian and Ukrainian.
Language: Romanian

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