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Similarities and differences between the Grammar of Dimitrie Eustatievici Braşoveanul, 1757 and the Orthography of Constantin Diaconovici-Loga, 1818

Publication: Journal of Romanian Literary Studies, 10, p. 77-82
Publisher:Arhipelag XXI Press
Abstract:The philological study contains a comparative analysis of the “Romanian Grammar”, by Dimitrie Eustatievici Braşoveanul, 1757 (edition by N. A. Ursu, Scientific Publishing House, Bucharest, 1969) end “Orthography or the correct spelling to guide Romanian language writers”, Buda, 1818, by Constantin Diaconovici-Loga. We have tried to see the extent to which Diaconovici-Loga was influenced by the previously published normative writing.
Key words:Constantin Diaconovici-Loga, grammar, orthography, literary, normative
Language: Romanian

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