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Aspecte onomasiologice ale cercetării motivaţiei în cartografia lingvistică şi dialectologie

Publication: Philologia, LVIII (5-6), p. 100
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:[Onomasiological aspects of the research’s motivation in the linguistic cartography and dialectology]
This study analyses the onomasiological aspect of the research of motivation’s phenomenon in dialectology and linguistic geography. Motivation is the first level in the act of nomination (in the creation process of a new word). Motivated words are transparent. They have the feature to send to another word. The derivative ashtray reminds us of the word ash. By drafting and interpreting the maps of motivation, an innovative method, the Atlas of Europe’s languages (Atlas linguarum Europae, ALE) and the Linguistic Romanic Atlas (Atlas linguistique roman, ALiR) open up new horizons for the contrastive-typological study of languages, in terms of the finding of a „common mentality” to the speakers of different languages and dialects. In Tomsk (Russian Federation), under the leadership of prof. O. I. Blinova it is elaborated The motivational dialectal dictionary, vol. I–II (1982–1983). In her works The motivation phenomenon of words (1984) and Motivology and its aspects (2007) O. I. Blinova presents the results of the motivation phenomenon’s investigation of the end of twentieth century – beginning of XXI century. From her point of view, the fundamental departments of this science are “descriptive motivology and contrastive motivology”. For this in the making science, the West proposed the denomination Iconomastic. In the Romanian area, this science is named Motivational Linguistics.
Key words:motivated word, map of motivation, motivational linguistics, motivation, nomination, onomasiology
Language: Romanian

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