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Adnotări lingvistice pe marginea unui document din secolul al XIX-lea

Publication: Limba română, LXV (1), Section Filologie, p. 127
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Linguistic annotations on a 19th century document]
Old texts are serious documentation resources for various linguistic fields. Even if the lexical units used herein are no longer productive in contemporary Romanian, they deserve a place in lexicographical works. Among the issues dealt with based on this 19th century translation, this document includes attestations (only or for the first time) of some words, free collocations and words combinations. The lexical units dealt with share the origin in a foreign model (Greek or Slavonic). Their imitation was the result of either the morphemic calque of some compounds, or the translation of a structure, as both methods are known as active means to enrich the language with new, albeit evanescent, lexical elements.
Key words:
  • texte vechi, traduceri, influenţe străine, structuri calchiate, structuri traduse
  • old texts, translations, foreign influences, copied structures, translated structures
Language: Romanian

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