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Dublarea sintactică în limba română din perspectivă tipologică

Publication: Limba română, LXV (1), Section Gramatică, p. 61
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Syntactic doubling in Romanian from a typological perspective]
In this article we introduce the concept of syntactic doubling and discuss some of the properties of the structures with syntactic doubling in Romanian, from a comparative perspective. In Romanian linguistics, the concept of syntactic doubling mainly refers to the doubling of a direct or indirect object by a pronominal clitic. Following an approach in the international literature, we propose that the concept of syntactic doubling be enlarged to several phenomena: subject doubling, double negation, the doubling of a relative pronoun, double determination, the repetition of grammatical markers, double auxiliaries, the repetition of the adverb mai (‘more’). Some of these structures are present in standard language, others are found in non-standard Romanian (in dialectal variaties or in spoken language). Some structures are syntactically determined, others are contextually motivated. Many of these types of doubling are found in several languages.
Key words:
  • dublare clitică, dublare subiectului, dublarea determinantului, repetarea mărcilor gramaticale, dubla exprimare a adverbului
  • clitic doubling, subject doubling, determiner doubling, the repetition of grammatical markers, adverb doubling
Language: Romanian

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