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Introduction: optatif et types de phrase. Réécrire un chapitre de grammaire romane

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XXI (2), p. 137-155
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Introduction: optative and sentence types. Rewriting a chapter of Romance grammar]
The optative is a controversial category in Romance languages. Romanian grammars consider it as a mood (condiţional-optativ), while French and Spanish grammars are seeing a semantic category that covers many modal meanings: desire, wish and various related acts (greetings, curses, etc.). Apart Italian grammar, the other Romance grammars exclude the optative from the basic communicative functions (declarative, interrogative, injunctive, exclamative). We intend to show that the optative is a wholly utterance modality that combines sentence structure, intonation contour and a generic illocutionary potential.
A study of the optative as utterance modality therefore inevitably requires a review of the sentence types, as they have been discussed and described in Romance grammars. This article undertakes the study of French and Romanian grammars, distinguishing traditional orientation approach and structural, enunciative or semantic ones. The second part of the article attempts to explain the problems raised by the sentence types issue and particularly by optative sentence and proposes, in the guise of conceptual instruments, some necessary distinctions.
Key words:
  • optativ, tipuri de propoziţii, gramatică, mod, modalitate de enunţ, modalitate de enunţare
  • optative, sentence types, grammar, mood, propositional modality, utterance modality
Language: French

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