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Oscilaţia între masculin şi neutru la unele substantive neologice

Publication: Limba română, LXIV (4), p. 487-497
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[The oscillation between masculine and neuter of some neological nouns]
We discuss the oscillation between masculine and neuter of some neological nouns in Romanian. We compare the forms indicated by the dictionaries with the ones found in use, based on date gathered from the internet and from a survey of 25 native speakers. The nouns are: buton (‘button’), cotlet (‘whiskers’), croasant (‘croissant’), dublet (‘doublet’), macrou (‘mackerel’), rucsac (‘backpack’), suport (‘prop’), taburet (‘pouffe’). We have also made remarks concerning the nouns cod (‘cod’), multiplet (‘multiple twin’), pangasius (‘pangasius; basa’), ton (‘tuna’), triplet (‘triplet’). We make some suggestions for the lexicographers.
Key words:
  • masculin, neutru, plural, normă, uz
  • masculine, neuter, plural, norm, use
Language: Romanian

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