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Predicatul şi modalizatorii. O controversă

Publication: Philologica Banatica, VIII (2), p. 69
Publisher:Editura Mirton; Editura Amphora
Abstract:[Predicate and modalisers. A controversy]
The issue of the compound verbal predicate has long been debated by Romanian grammaticians, some supporting its existence in Romanian, other denying it.
The article presents the opinions of two linguists with opposite options in the matter: Mirela Ioana Borchin and G. G. Neamțu.
Mirela Ioana Borchin regards the problem from the viewpoint of the modality theory, starting from logics and dwelling on the interpretation of modality in grammar. Modalisers are identified in modal adverbs and verbal modalisers, including also the semi-auxiliary verbs of modality. Modalisers enter an intra-sentence structure, where it forms a predicate, modal from the semantic point of view and verbal or compound nominal from the syntactic perspective.
On the opposite pole we find the representatives of the Cluj School, in this case G. G. Neamțu. He contests the existence of the semi-auxiliaries of modality and implicitly of the compound verbal predicate, arguing that all verbs, including the semi-auxiliary ones, posses a certain semanticism which makes them all predicative. There is thus a single type of predicate in Romanian, more precisely the verbal one.
Key words:
  • Romanian language, grammar, modalisers, compound verbal predicate
  • limba română, gramatică, modalizatori, predicat verbal compus
Language: Romanian

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