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Surse interne ale traducerii Vechiului Testament din Biblia de la București (1688). I. Palia de la Orăștie (1582)

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, XI (2), p. 103
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:[Internal sources of the Biblia de la Bucureşti (1688). Vechiul Testament translation I. Palia de la Orăștie (1582)]
The issue of the continuity of old Romanian translations, from Palia (1582) to the Bible of Bucharest, has not been cleared yet. Based on an integral comparison of the texts, studied through an adequate humanistic methodology, the author proves that the Bible from 1688 uses only sporadically Palia’s experience with the translation, through the revisers of Nicolae Milescu’s protograph; on the whole, it is a new translation, not inscribed in a certain tradition of religious prints. The peculiarities in content of the Palia, nonexistent in any of the other Orthodox religious texts, are due to the translation from a Protestant Hungarian Bible. Thus, in Palia one can find an abundance of calques, regional and archaic elements, hence it cannot be considered a textological or linguistic model for the readers in Wallachia, but it has offered solutions for translation which have been used, to some extent, by the 17th century translators. To conclude, as a result of the comparison of the Palia to the two Bible manuscripts, all the common lexical concordances represent unique solutions for translation, thus confirming Virgil Candrea’s viewpoint.
Key words:Biblical traductology, complementary internal sources, cultural continuity
Language: Romanian

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