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Sur la terminologie scientifique cynégétique en langue courante

Publication: Meridian Critic / Analele Universităţii „Ștefan cel Mare” din Suceava. Seria Filologie. A. Lingvistică, B. Literatură, 24 (1), Section Limbă și comunicație, p. 211-218
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:This paper aims at pinpointing a series of speech situations within the area of technical discourse which show that the scientific terminology has gradually permeated everyday speech. Our analysis will focus on the hunting-related terminology, as a subfield of the forestry domain. The lexical richness and the beauty of the hunting-related phrases which have come to be commonly used in everyday speech demonstrate that the scientific discourse is not an isolated area in the language economy but a generous field offering any speaker the possibility to actuate legitimate interferences throughout the communication act.
Key words:speech situations, scientific discourse, scientific terminology, forestry, hunting
Language: French

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