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Definiția lexicografică. Tipuri recurente în dicționarele românești din secolul al XIX-lea

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XX (1)
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Lexicographers agree to the fact that their discipline is rather heavily dependent on the concept of tradition within a given language seen as cultural vector. Given the general circumstances, each lexicographical tradition came to establish its very principles over long periods and at different historical times: with regard to Romanian dictionaries, the 19th century witnessed the crystallization of a consistent number of technical principles. This paper aims to provide a glimpse into the evolution of the text segment labelled as “definition”.
The author chosen a number of seven representative dictionaries where one can isolate lexicographical definitions. After briefly discussing the concept, the author argues that a possible expression of it could ideally be formulated as:
DEF = {SIST (GR + MV) + SEM (/MSS/ + (var)Tvar)},
where both systemic nature of the vocabulary and individual meaning of the word are accounted for. The analysis thereafter consists of comparing how the proposed ideal formulation can be observed in the dictionaries chosen, across a typological variety (morphological classes) of words.
The results of such analysis seem to indicate that over the span of the 19th century, Romanian dictionaries register an array of increasingly refined lexicographical definitions, mostly with regard to the part of the definition that integrates the word in the vocabulary of the language.
Key words:
  • definiţie lexicografică, dicţionar, lexicografie teoretică, istoria lexicografiei româneşti
  • lexicographical definition, dictionary, theoretical lexicography, history of Romanian lexicography
Language: Romanian

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