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Aspecte ale receptării vieții și activității Mitropolitului Veniamin Costache

Publication: Receptarea Sfintei Scripturi: între filologie, hermeneutică şi traductologie. Lucrările Simpozionului Naţional „Explorări în tradiţia biblică românească şi europeană”, I, p. 367
Publisher:Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:Important ecclesiastical figure, Veniamin Costache undertook on the line of his predecessors (Varlaam, Dosoftei, Antim from Iviria) an intense cultural activity, found in the configuration of all ecclesial texts translated and edited with accuracy over four decades (1803-1846). The bibliography on his life and work is relatively old, the published monographic works chronologically hovering between 1881-1946, when it also appeared, at the centenary of death, the last work of commemorative nature, most of the signatories being clergymen. If among the clergymen the translator enjoyed a wide reception, his figure was underrepresented in the pages of ancient literary history. Most of the chapters dedicated to scholars who have worked within the Church in the nineteenth century did not include specific references to the work of the metropolitan, his name being either absent or mentioned tangentially in relation to the figures and complementary issues from that period.
Key words:metropolitan Veniamin Costache, religious texts, old Romanian Culture
Language: Romanian

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