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I. Heliade Rădulescu – Biblia sacra. Abordare stilistică

Publication: Text şi discurs religios, VII, Section Literatura și sacrul, p. 327-336
Publisher:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:Our paper focuses on I. Heliade Rădulescu in his quality of undertaking the translation of the Bible. The fundamental book of the Christian People, the Bible represents a necessary religious instrument and a genuine language monument. Heliade`s enterprise of translating the Bible [Biblia Sacra...] aroused critical remarks (Andrei Şaguna criticized Heliade`s lack of theological preparation as well as the fact that Heliade used an inaccessible language). Heliade believed that a writer needs to have style. As a result, he tried to be original, yet the use of an Italian like spelling aroused controversial attitudes (M. Eminescu). In our article we selected a series of linguistic (phonetical, lexical, semantic, morphological, syntactical) and stylistic particularities of Heliade`s Bible, the writer explaining some of his linguistic options in the work Biblicele sau notitii historice philosophice, religiose si politice assupra Bibliei.
Key words:The Bible, translation, linguistic and stylistic particularities
Language: English

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