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Formes de l’utilisation de la terminologie des domaines informatique et électronique dans le discours de vulgarisation

Publication: ANADISS, 14, p. 141-157
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:The paper discusses language aspects involved in public reception of the Informatics and Electronics discourse in CHIP Magazine. A brief review of terminology is followed by the presentation of etymological and semantic aspects of the English elements, identified in the mentioned magazine. Based on the idea that linguistic reality describes progress in science, we will examine the appearance of English borrowings in Romanian vocabulary, in light of the relation between verbal and non-verbal linguistic signs, local and global discourse coherence. As a result of using the current Romanian terminology (in Electronics and Informatics fields), varietes of new terms have emerged in the language system.
Key words:Informatics terminology, Electronics terminology, scientific discourse, borrowings
Language: French

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