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Învățământul prin internet. Rolul profesorului

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XIV (2), p. 129
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In this paper we reveal a few items related to the teacher’s role within the highly modern model of education, i.e. e-learning in language-teaching, based on our research-project The IT-based Romanian Studies Program.
After a short historical view of the Romanian Studies in Scandinavia we look upon the online-education versus the campus-education. Our results seem to show that the on-line-education is definitely more efficient, flexible and financially more reasonable.
In this new pattern of education, by means of the informatics, the “tasks” of the teacher seem to be, at a large extent, different than in the traditional education. The e-teacher turns to be a coordinator, a verifier, a study-adviser – a resource (at hand whenever the student needs it), more than a conductor-pedagogue deciding every “step” in the student’s studying. The student, on the other hand, seems to develop more initiative-taking, more creativity, more responsibility, higher rate of motivation and interest – and finally better qualitative results!
Language: Romanian

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