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Linguistique et dialectologie romanes: l’apport de Georges Millardet

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XIV (1), p. 11
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:This contribution offers an analysis of the theoretical and methodological conceptions of the French linguist and dialectologist Georges Millardet (1876–1953), as these can be extracted from his main work, Linguistique et dialectologie romanes (1923). This work constitutes a critical, but very constructive reaction to the approach of Jules Gilliéron and his followers in dialectology, in linguistic geography and geology, in semantics and in etymology. After a brief sketch of the life and work of Millardet, this contribution proposes an analysis of the principles underlying his 1923 work, viz. (a) the hierarchically dominant position of historical-comparative linguistics; (b) the auxiliary rôle of linguistic geography with respect to the comparative method; (c) the statement that the central object of linguistics is linguistic change; (d) the primacy of phonetics in the study of linguistic data; (e) the definition of linguistics as a socio-historical and crucially interdisciplinary science.
Language: French

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