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L’espace linguistique et la vie du langage: Jules Gilliéron et l’ouverture géo-biologique de la géographie linguistique

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XVI (2), p. 109
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In the history of linguistic geography the work of Jules Gilliéron (1854–1926) constitutes a major landmark. The Atlas linguistique de la France, the joint realization of Gilliéron and his collaborator Edmond Edmont, and the various monograph-sized studies based on the ALF were responsible for a number of radical theoretical and methodological innovations in the field: the practice of linguistic geography as a geological and biological study of language based on the accurate and systematic observation of spoken varieties; the linking of spatial diversification with chronological stratification (‘geological layers in the life of language’); the replacement of the study of dialects/patois with the study of the history of words, and, correlatively, the priority given to lexical-semantic history (and not to the historical phonetics of a supposedly ‘homogeneous’ dialect); the important role accorded to popular etymology. Within Gilliéron’s geobiological view of language the distinction between pathological states and therapeutic interventions assumes a central place; it reflects the tension between ‘constraint’ and ‘liberty’ in the behaviour of speakers. The present study focuses on the theoretical and methodological principles underlying Gilliéron’s geobiology of language, which can be characterized as an eminently social (and sociolinguistic) approach of language in its real manifestation.
Language: French

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