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Cuvântul lui Ipolit în literatura românească veche. Versiunea prescurtată

Publication: Limba română, LXII (4), p. 498-506
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:We have attempted in this article a description of the Old Romanian manuscripts containing an apocryphal homily attributed to Hippolytus (by a 4th-century author known as Pseudo-Hippolytus). We discussed only the shortened version, which consists of four manuscripts, belonging to the Library of the Romanian Academy, all compiled in the Bistriţa Monastery, Ţara Românească, during the 18th century (approximately). We have presented a short history of the Pseudo-Hippolytus’ text, followed by a summary of the Romanian shortened version (composed only of fragments pertaining to the
original treatise of Hippolytus, De Antichristo) and a description of the manuscripts. The article ends with a partial family tree (‘stemma’), which traces back the relation between three of the manuscripts. Further research will clarify the relation between the last manuscript (ms. 2516 BAR) and the oldest of the three (ms. 2513 BAR).
Key words:
  • Pseudo-Hipolit, Antihrist, apocrif, De consummatione mundi, omilie, versiune prescurtată
  • Pseudo-Hippolytus, Antichrist, apocryphal, De consummatione mundi, homily, shortened version
Language: Romanian

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78Gabriel ȘtrempelCatalogul manuscriselor românești
Vol. I–IV
Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică1978, 1983, 1987, 1992

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