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Dimitrie Gusti: Metafora între „cuviinţă” şi „gust”

Publication: Philologica Banatica, IV (2), p. 80-88
Publisher:Editura Mirton; Editura Amphora
Abstract:The present study brings into discussion the vision on metaphor of one of the most talented scholars and teachers of the Romanian nineteenth century culture: Dimitrie Gusti. The metaphor is a rhetorical tool, a form of persuasion and seduction of the reader. Dimitrie Gusti situates the metaphor between fit and taste, saying it should not be too bold or too common. In his vision, the aim of the metaphor is to give the discourse beauty and pleasure and thus to conduct to the “enlighten” of the reader.
Key words:metaforă, substituţie, elocvenţă, cuviinţă, gust
Language: Romanian

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