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Criterii extrafilologice în analiza etimologică. Un patrimoniu încă neexplorat: fondul scris de cuvinte autohtone

Publication: Philologica Banatica, IV (2), p. 11-19
Publisher:Editura Mirton; Editura Amphora
Abstract:So far, the number of the Geto-Dacian terms that were mentioned in written by ancient authors or found on the inscriptions of the V BC – I AD centuries has reached 400, which is twice the double of the words reconstructed with the traditional method of the comparison with the Albanian language. A comparative analysis of the results of the two methods reveals certain surprising aspects: • the number of the common words is very small, and the forming word families suggest (through toponymic or anthroponymic contexts) other translations than the ones accepted until now; • there are major differences from the language of the southern Thracians; • the contacts with the widely spoken languages of the ancient times (Greek and Latin) seem to be more extended and long-lasting. The research of the native written stock is just in its beginnings.
Key words:limba dacă, fond autohton, termeni scrişi: etnonime, toponime, antroponime
Language: Romanian

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