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Fonetica generală în concepţia lui G. Ivănescu. Pagini inedite

Publication: Anuar de Lingvistică și Istorie Literară, LIII, p. 59-64
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[General phonetics in the view of G. Ivănescu. Unpublished pages]
This paper outlines the view of G. Ivănescu on general phonetics, as illustrated in the manuscript 52/7, which completes the author's perspective on this subject and sets light on more obscure areas of his fundamental study in the field (Constituirea unei fonetici...). In direct correlation with Ivănescu's view on sound - to the same extent “sound per se”, “used by language”, “air vibration” and “articulation” -, phonetics, which the scholar projects as a hyper-concept, has to comprise, besides the science of sounds per se, physiology and acoustics. Hence, for the strictest and purest meaning of the classic terminological pair phonetics - sound, the concepts of phonology and phoneme are mere equivalent structuralist reflexions, while the lack of legitimacy of their existence in the terminological field of linguistics is compensated - though to a lesser extent - only be their univocal character.
Key words:Ivănescu, phonetics, sound, phonology, phoneme
Language: Romanian

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