Diacronia 14, December 12, 2021, art. A197 (p. 1–9)

Gorazd: An Old Church Slavonic Digital Hub and the Romanian Slavonic studies

Vladislav Knoll


Institute of Slavonic Studies, Czech Academy of Sciences, Valentinská 1, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic


Received September 13, 2021
Accepted October 5, 2021
Published December 12, 2021

Key words

old Church Slavonic
Romanian Slavonic
digital lexicography
historical lexicography
old Romanian
Slavonic loanwords


The aim of this paper is to present the utility of the Gorazd: An Old Church Digital Hub for scholars working with Old Romanian and Slavonic texts written on the territory of today’ s Romania. The Gorazd Project was realized during the years 2016–2020 and it includes an Old Church Slavonic Card Index and three Old Church Slavonic lexical databases, among which the largest one is represented by the digitized and updated version of the monumental Lexicon linguæ palæoslovenicæ (vol. I–IV, 1958–1997) composed by the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the Czech Academy of Sciences. As the Gorazd Project uses English as meta-language, its application is not limited to narrowly specialized Slavic philologists, but it is also open for scholars of neighbouring fields. The dictionaries within the Gorazd Digital Hub can serve as a reference tool not just for the oldest attested Slavonic vocabulary and its semantics, but also for the biblical concordance of the Slavonic oldest Bible redaction and the oldest attested Old Church Slavonic morphological forms.


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